PPC Compound 309
Compound x Angus Cow :: 3/8 Maine
309 was a leading producer at Paw Paw Creek. This female has
all the right parts, she is moderate framed, big boned and super
sound. Most importantly she's a consistent producer.
PPC Chill Factor 351
Chill Factor x Paw Paw Cow
This female posts tremendous value being a daughter of Chill Factor and out of a daughter of DHD Traveler 6807. She is just entering her prime and has a great future ahead of her, with many possible mating scenerios.

The Witch Doctor x Miss Bar Muleshow 137A (50% MA)
This matriarch of the great Barbie 700 Family is one of the most proven performers in the business. At 13, she is still a consistent producer as each of her progeny shows her same, unmistakable front end, perfect hip and wonderful design.

Draft Pick Daughter
This moderate framed female is a complete package - thickness, muscle and bone, all wrapped in one.

Meyer 734 x Angus
A whole lotta cow and a whole lotta potential. This fantastic, long fronted 734 daughter is a "wow" in terms of her design and production.