LM Cattle, a family owned and managed elite cow-calf operation, started in the late 1980’s with a small herd of 20 cows. Beginning with several successful show strings, the herd eventually grew into a mature cowherd of 225 carefully selected club calf producing females. Producing and marketing good show cattle is a priority at LM Cattle and as a result we place importance on the key ingredients - sound, functional cows, successful mating decisions and the discipline to cull anything less than our ideal.

Two years ago we came to a decision point. As the saying goes, “Fish or cut bait” so we decided to fish! Since that time we’ve spent two years and traveled many miles to find the best donor cows the club calf industry has to offer. We have acquired some of the top females in the industry and placed them into an extensive donor program that also includes 100 recipient females to carry their progeny. Currently included in the donor program are several Maine-Anjou and Simmental females who were added to the program based on an optimal mix of pedigree, performance and show ring appeal. Their progeny will be designed to successfully compete at national shows.

Everyday responsibility for the cattle falls on the shoulders of Leo and Derek who manage the cowherd and mating decisions and are very particular when it comes to replacement heifers and show cattle offered for sale. We are a family business that enjoys helping youth with show cattle and working with the cattlemen to deliver what their operation needs. You are always welcome to call or stop by. We’ll welcome the opportunity to show you our cattle.